Welcome to my another blog on GitHub. I’m a fan of it and trying to dive deeper and deeper into it so as to get the best out of it. I try to simplify things as much as possible so bear with my posts if they sound boring.

So today I had a task to migrate my GitHub repo to Bitbucket so I made all the setup in the bucket and created a new repo there. …

Sometimes it’s better to start instead of waiting for the right moment. Because you never know if it will arrive or not. And there is always a possibility of making things better as we progress. With this in mind I started my first article on Git — Git is Lit🔥 | An attempt to explore the BTS of Git Operations | Part 1 (The local git).

However, as I had nothing planned in my mind except clearing out the concepts of Git in simple and detailed manner so I missed out on explaining the real purpose of Git — version…

Have you often come across a point where you were confused about what to use when it comes to writing code. Our environment plays a huge role in defining who we are and how we grow as a person. So similarly our coding environment also affects our coding experience and plays a crucial role in defining our coding potential.

You might have often came across the term IDE and coding editor. But are you sure about you knowing the difference between them?

IDE or Code Editor? Visual Studio or VS code?

If you weren’t knowing it before then let me tell you that VS code or Visual Studio Code…

If you’re a developer or walking the path of becoming one, then your encounter with git won’t be a coincidence. And believe me or not but there are so many caveats that you should be aware of before using git else you will come to know them while using it and that would be a little painful. This article is for both type of reader — the one who aren’t familiar with git and the other who know how to do basic git operations but want to understand more of it. Let’s start.

The hidden land of .git

Let’s start with creating a new project…

Roadmap to Programming

This article is my first article on Medium and also my first ever article on Programming. But I have been into programming for more than 4 years. So let’s travel the Road to Programming together. Before throwing a series of Jargon words from the programming world I would like to introduce you to the word programming.

What is Programming?
Programming not according to any dictionary or Wikipedia but to my experience is an activity of writing programs. These programs are written using programming languages such as C, C++, Java, Python,…. and the list goes on. …

Atul Bhatt

Always trying to be a better version of myself. That's the real progress and meaning of living life for me.

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