Roadmap to Programming

This article is my first article on Medium and also my first ever article on Programming. But I have been into programming for more than 4 years. So let’s travel the Road to Programming together. Before throwing a series of Jargon words from the programming world I would like to introduce you to the word programming.

What is Programming?
Programming not according to any dictionary or Wikipedia but to my experience is an activity of writing programs. These programs are written using programming languages such as C, C++, Java, Python,…. and the list goes on. Writing a program is similar to writing a list of orders or instructions to someone in any language we know and the person who is going to follow the instructions understands.

Why we even need programs or programming languages?
So, to answer this question I would like to introduce you to Mr. Computer.
Mr. Computer is very powerful at doing computations but it won’t do anything until it’s told to. Unlike Aladdin’s Genie Mr. Computer is a mini Genie who waits for our order to do things like open a website, play music, or open an article on Medium for you to read it and much more.

But there is a problem. Mr. Computer doesn’t understand our orders directly. He has his different language, i.e. Binary Language (0,1). So, to make Mr. Computer understand our orders we need Programming Languages.

Programming Languages are languages that help us to write instructions that help the computer to understand our instructions.

In other words, we do programming to make the use of a computer to do our tasks or help us in some way by processing our input and providing us with a result, i.e. Output.

This was my answer to the question of what is a program and why we need to do programming. There will be soon a new article which will discuss why someone should do programming. Stay tuned! And thanks for reading.

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